We’ve reviewed other standard DISC assessment tools and Extended DISC® is quite simply the most advanced behavioural assessment system in the world.

Here’s why…

It’s important to understand that DISC is just a general term used to refer to any behavioural assessment that is based on the four-quadrant DISC theory developed in the 1920s by psychologist William Marston.

This means that DISC just refers to the underlying model and that there are several proprietary DISC assessments available on the market – all with varying degrees of validity and reliability.

So, how can you tell which DISC assessment is right for you?

In general terms, DISC theory is based on the idea that there are four main behavioural types:
D = Dominance
I = Influence
S = Steadiness
C = Compliance

Standard DISC assessments and Extended DISC assessments are two totally different products. Extended DISC is special because it measures 160 different possible combinations of the four main behavioural types.

Furthermore, the system’s text bank is so large that it can generate over 200 million different variations of reports. As a result, each report is very specific to each individual who is assessed.

That’s why Extended DISC is used by government departments and major corporations across Australia.

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• Recruitment & Selection
• Succession planning
• Leadership development
• Executive coaching
• Team building
• Sales training
• Customer service training
• Conflict resolution

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