DISC Training Series - D-Style

DISC Style Videos – D-Style

The D-style is the most aggressive and assertive of the four styles. D-styles tend to be quite competitive and results-oriented. As a result, you may identify D-styles as...

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DISC Style Videos - I-Style

DISC Style Videos – I-Style

I-styles are outgoing, social, and talkative, and like to be the centre of attention. They like to interact with others and meet new people. They do not like to focus on...

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DISC Style Videos - S-Style

DISC Style Videos – S-Style

S-styles are steady, calm and laid back. While they do like interaction with other people, they are more reserved and less animated than I-styles. S-styles prefer things to...

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DISC Training Series - C-Style

DISC Style Videos – C-Style

C-styles are the most analytical of the four behavioural styles. C-styles can be very detail oriented, focusing on facts, information and proofs. They are comfortable working...

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