S-styles are steady, calm and laid back. While they do like interaction with other people, they are more reserved and less animated than I-styles. S-styles prefer things to remain the same because changes and surprises threaten their sense of security. Family and friends tend to be very important to S-styles. They often defend their own group or team almost emotionally; fairness and justice are very important to S-styles.

Check out this short 2-min video to learn more about S-Style:

(Click above to watch a short 2-min video)

Top tips for communicating with an S-Style:


  • Proceed in a logical order
  • Ask questions to find out the true needs
  • Provide support
  • Give precedents to reduce uncertainty
  • Remember fairness


  • Make unexpected changes
  • Forget to provide enough information
  • Move too fast
  • Be impatient
  • Be unreliable

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