The Founder and CEO of Extended DISC International, Jukka Sappinen, traveled from Finland to meet with a select group of Extended DISC ‘Master Trainers’ in New Zealand yesterday and announced the launch of the new FinxS® Sales Competence Assessment.

The new FinxS Sales Competence Assessment helps with job-fit during the hiring process and identifies strengths and development areas to guide ongoing sales coaching.

The Managing Director of Work Test, Ashley Baldry, was impressed with the new FinxS Sales Competence Assessment:

When hiring a salesperson, it’s vital to hire the right person…and to avoid the costly mistake of hiring the wrong person! It’s also important to develop a specific, practical and effective development plan for existing salespeople. This new assessment is an ideal tool for Sales Managers, Coaches and Consultants who are looking for better ways to hire, engage and retain top sales talent either in their own organisation or for their clients.

Ashley Baldry and Jukka Sappinen
Ashley Baldry from Work Test and Jukka Sappinen from Extended DISC International in Auckland, New Zealand

Extended DISC was founded in 1994 by Jukka Sappinen, an MBA from the Helsinki School of Economics who spent his early professional years consulting clients in the use of psychological tools. A profound understanding of the gap between existing tools and corporate needs enabled Jukka to develop the Extended DISC Behavioural Analysis, an instrument that combines a range of valuable analyses, forming a simple, unified system that can be used to generate understandable, integrated information on an individual, team, or entire organisation.

The company has always been a technology leader and recently introduced the FinxS Online Platform to provide access to a range of instruments including the Extended DISC Behavioural Analysis, an Open 360 tool and now the new FinxS Sales Competence Assessment.

The FinxS Sales Competence Assessment can be used on its own or in combination with an Extended DISC Behavioural Analysis. It is designed to measure 18 Competences of sales success. It also measures 12 Mindsets to uncover self-defeating beliefs and attitudes that create obstacles to success in sales.

The concept of the Excuse Index also adds another dimension to interpret the results as it does not focus so much on if one has the competences, but more on how willing one is to commit to using the competences in sales.

The Founder and CEO of Extended DISC International, Jukka Sappinen, said: “We recognise that the most satisfied people work at the best companies. Our goal is to provide our clients with the information they need to keep their best and brightest motivated and make the most of their strengths, which helps to ensure a better future for all.”

Work Test is one of the very few organisations in Australia and New Zealand that has achieved ‘Master Trainer’ status which means that, as well as providing consultancy services, we also conduct internationally-recognised accreditation courses and online training for individuals or organisations who wish to become a FinxS ‘Sales Coach’ themselves.

Click here to learn how to use the FinxS Sales Competence Assessment to hire new salespeople and develop your existing sales team.

FinxS Sales Competence Assessment