The mantra of ‘fail-fast’ is popular, but can often be problematic for salespeople who are trying to hit their monthly sales target!

It can be quite challenging for salespeople when an organisation is regularly bringing new products to market or constantly rolling out new service offerings.

Case Study: Can you teach an old (sales) dog new tricks?

The Sales Director of an electrical manufacturer noted that his company’s product offering had changed dramatically. In addition to their traditional products, they now had a range of completely new products.

This was a major challenge for the sales team who were now being asked to support this shift in focus.

The Pain

The challenge for the Sales Director was to refocus the sales team and get experienced sales people who were used to selling traditional products excited about selling new and more complicated products and services.

An additional challenge was the change in the client base. Where the existing clients were small or medium sized construction companies, the new client base included professionals such as architects and designers.

The real challenge was understanding and communicating with the new clients and applying the new products to their needs…in addition to closing the deal.

The Need

A tool was needed to help the Sales Director guide the local Sales Managers in face-to-face meetings with each salesperson when discussing the requirement to adjust the sales process to fit the new product range and the increased and sometimes new client base.

The tool needed to assist each individual salesperson to realise and utilise their personal strengths, and to understand their development areas in each stage of the sales process.

The objective for the Sales Director was to create a development plan to take into account the new ways of selling the new products and services to the new client segment.

The Change

The Sales Director’s vision of the change needed was:

  • From old thinking to a new approach
  • From reactive selling to proactive selling
  • From old products to new products
  • From existing clients to new clients.

The Tool

Sales training combined with a behavioural analysis tool was used to help these salespeople to more effectively relate, communicate, influence and motivate prospects and create successful, long-term relationships with their clients.

During the sales training, participants were shown how to:
1. Identify the four main human behavioural styles;
2. Read other people and better understand them;
3. Understand who you are and how others perceive you; and
4. Adjust your communication style to achieve your sales goals.

The sales training culminated with participants developing a one-page Action Plan to help them profile their prospects and clients and develop simple strategies to improve future communication with them…and keep hitting their sales targets.