Work Test | Online Assessments is proud to support WithYouWithMe (WYWM) by providing DISC profiling to match Australian veterans to the right job…and company.

WYWM is a veteran-owned company (not a charity) that solves the problem of effectively transitioning personnel from the Australian Defence Force (ADF) into civilian employment.

What exactly is the problem?

Australian society has long struggled to manage the transition of veterans into the workplace because most people generally don’t understand the military lifestyle, career, experiences and skills, and so cannot assign positive values to them. WYWM partners with Australian businesses to fill this knowledge gap and educates the Australian workforce on the true value of veterans in the workplace.

Equally, veterans must also be educated on the practices, culture and skills required to work effectively and seamlessly in ‘civvy street’.

Click here to download the WithYouWithMe Veteran Employment Report published in April 2017

OK…So what’s the solution?

WYWM helps veterans enter the right industry with the right company through their ‘Link-Develop-Employ’ program which provides participants (Mentees) with a clear pathway from separation from the ADF to a new career in the civilian sector.

Work Test supplements this process by ensuring the right job-fit and culture-fit through a scientifically-proven system called DISC.



Step 1 – Identify the DISC style of the Mentee

By administering a simple but powerful online work behaviour profile questionnaire, we identify the DISC style of the Mentee and plot the results on a simple chart.

Step 2 - Determine the ideal employment pathway for the Mentee

We then match up these results with a list of employment pathways and provide vocational guidance for the Mentee.

DISC vocational guidance

Step 3 – Conduct a culture-fit assessment with the Employer organisation

We then conduct a ‘culture-fit’ assessment to determine how this veteran will fit into the existing workplace culture.

DISC culture-fit assessment


Veterans and Employers join forces at Australia's first Veterans Career Expo in Sydney on Wednesday 4 October

Work Test was proud to exhibit at Australia’s first Veterans Career Expo in Sydney on Wednesday 4 October.

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