Technical assessments can be a critical element of the interviewing process, providing essential information about the actual skill set of any candidate. Keep up with the pace of change in technology by evaluating your applicants’ IT capabilities, from hundreds of assessments covering basic computer knowledge to advanced programming.

  • NET (ASP, C#, Framework)
  • Data (Architecture, Mining, Modeling, Warehousing)
  • Database Administration/Development
  • Networks
  • Programming (Agile, Angular, Hadoop, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby)
  • Reasoning
  • Security
  • SQL
  • Systems
  • Technical Support
  • Web Design

IBM® Kenexa® Employee Assessments use behavioural science techniques to measure traits skills, and fit of candidates and/or employees.

A team of I/O psychologists and 30+ years of behavioural science expertise have ensured the portfolio – which can easily complement your existing assessments solutions – includes, but is not limited to:

  • Job evaluation tools to help predict executive performance
  • Functional behaviour assessments to find the best fit for hourly employees
  • Skills assessments help you sift through talent pools
  • Proven, valid, and legally defensible assessments

Work Test is proud to be an IBM Business Partner and offers quick and easy access to the full range of IBM Kenexa Employee Assessments.

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