How often have you heard someone complain about a salesperson who came across as a ‘Rock Star’ during the interview process but then failed to deliver once they started with the company?  Ouch!

In this Case Study, we share some tips for using DISC to profile salespeople when recruiting to help you increase your chances of success.

CASE STUDY: How to use DISC to profile salespeople

Work Test recently had a client in Sydney who was recruiting for a business development role that required cold-calling business owners in a professional industry sector to sell advertising.

We advised the client that a simple but powerful DISC profile could be used in this situation to:

  1. Identify the ideal sales profile for the role; and
  2. Match up candidates with the ideal sales profile to ensure the best chance of hiring the right person.

1. Identify the ideal sales profile for the role

Using the DISC Sales Model below, the client decided that they ideally wanted someone who matched the profile of the ‘Inspirator’ or ‘Salesperson of Ideas’ (a DI/ID style).

DISC Sales Model
DISC Sales Model

2. Match up candidates with the ideal profile

Using a standard behavioural interviewing process, the client shortlisted two candidates and would have been happy to choose either one…An enviable but fraught position to be in when recruiting!

However, after seeing the profiles of both candidates, it became very clear who the best-fit candidate was.


Of course, the client chose Candidate 2 and not only ensured that they hired a ‘Rock Star’ but also avoided making a costly mistake by hiring the wrong candidate.

Are you considering hiring a new salesperson?

Please contact us if you are considering hiring a new salesperson and would like to discuss how to use DISC to make sure that you hire a sales ‘Rock Star’, too.