Reasoning assessments designed to identify individuals’ capacity to evaluate, analyze, approach problems, and find resolutions.


  • CAT Logical Reasoning Test
  • CAT Numerical Reasoning Test
  • CAT Verbal Reasoning Test

Behaviour & Personality

Assessments tailored to individual positions at various levels and industries. We combine predictive personality traits with position appropriate situational judgment items and reasoning ability where fitting.


  • Selectors for Professional and/ or Manager roles
  • Performance Indicators
  • Selectors for Hourly Roles


Comprised of our Cultural Match and Job Fit offerings, this family of assessments is designed to meet many needs, including selection across multiple positions, and identifying candidates whose values best match those of your organization and the job in question.


  • Job Fit Bank Teller
  • Job Fit Call Center
  • Job Fit Hospitality Associate
  • Job Fit Industrial Warehouse Worker
  • Job Fit Retail Associate
  • Job Fit Sales
  • Organizational Culture Match


Content validated assessments measure specific skills or knowledge in accounting, administrative, call center, financial, healthcare, industrial, legal, software, and IT/technical positions.


  • Basic Office Skills
  • Call Center Environment
  • Data Entry
  • Microsoft Office
  • Typing

Specialty Offerings

These are unique assessments designed to get to the heart of matters not commonly addressed. Outcome-focused assessments that can be used individually or in combination with other assessments, these are applicable across industries and address key factors such as willingness to follow safety guidelines, sales capacity, teamwork, engagement, retention, and customer service focus.


  • Leadership Behavioral Assessment
  • Leadership Preference
  • Learning Styles Questionnaire
  • Motivation Questionnaire
  • Occupational Personality Inventory (OPI)
  • Onboarding Assessment

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