I’ve been hearing some great success stories from people in my network who use Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI) in their organisation or with their clients.

LSI is generally regarded as an advanced tool for promoting constructive change in personal style, management style and leadership style and improving individual and team effectiveness.

However, because LSI is also considered to require a high-level of commitment to self-development and can cost up to $3,000 per person for the assessment and debrief sessions, it is often only available for middle management and senior leaders.

I’m now seeing an increasing trend towards using DISC as a great way to complement LSI because DISC uses everyday language that is easy for people to understand and is very cost-effective.

This means that DISC is an ideal solution for using at all levels in an organisation and is a great introduction for those who may go on to use LSI for further development in future, such as emerging leaders and graduates.

For organisations, this presents an opportunity to build a culture of personal development across the entire organisation – at every level.

For consultants, it’s a way to build a closer relationship with clients who might be reluctant to engage you in other parts of their business because they perceive LSI as being ‘too expensive’ for broad use in their organisation.

If you are currently using LSI and would like to add DISC to your repertoire, Work Test conducts regular DISC Accreditation Training in Australia and New Zealand or you can complete our online DISC Accreditation Training course.