What would happen if you could train your frontline customer service team and salespeople to go beyond ‘absolute consistency’ in the way live customer interactions are handled?

What would happen if you could instead create a more customised approach to service delivery?

Well, the authors of ‘The Effortless Experience’ suggest that you could:

  • Increase ‘willingness to recommend’ by 20 per cent;
  • Reduce repeat customer calls by 40 per cent; and
  • Achieve dramatically higher engagement scores from frontline employees.

The recommended tool for taking their extensive research and putting it into practice is the use of ‘Personality-Based Issue Resolution’ training for customer service representatives and salespeople (pages 113-119).

We’ve all had experience with individuals who just seem to be able to get on the same ‘wavelength’ as their customers. The authors of ‘The Effortless Experience’ provide evidence that personality-based issue resolution is teachable and can therefore empower all staff to understand and implement its simple guidelines.

In short, personality-based issue resolution divides all customers into four basic categories:

  1. The Feeler – leads with their emotional needs
  2. The Entertainer – loves to talk and show off their personality
  3. The Thinker – who needs to analyse and understand
  4. The Controller – just wants what they want when they want it

Work Test offers half-day, full day and two-day customer service and sales training workshops that will help your team to identify a customer’s personality characteristics and then tailor the delivery of your service to their individual preferences.

Contact Us now if you think it’s worth the time and effort to move your organisation beyond a ‘generic’ service experience and to engage more deeply with each customer ‘in the moment’ and tailor each individual interaction to that one customer.

Source: ‘The Effortless Experience’, Matthew Dixon, Nick Toman, and Rick Delisi, 2013